Sunday, November 14, 2010

Christmas Cards 2010

 I got together with some friends this weekend to make christmas cards. I actually took Friday off work for a special playdate!  I had gone to Paper Source a week ago to get some inspiration and buy supplies.   For the card above i used a robin's egg blue card and matching envelope.  I added the japanese paper that i tore with a ruler for a gentle edge.  I cut the birds out of old novels and darkened the edges with a bit of walnut ink pad.  A little blue gem eyeball adds a touch of bling.
 We had a long conversation about my self imposed rule that all my christmas cards have to be the same.  Why?  They don't really.  So after making the cards above (about 50 of them!) i went on to create these different designs. These gold trees were cut from paper from Anthropologie.  You HAVE to check out their selection of papers and tags - so cute and different.
 I copied this card from a sample my friend had saved from last year.  The original was made with pretty bright coloured felt squares with some stitching, rather than the snowflakes.  I liked the simplicity of the design. Cute and modern!
For these cards i simple cut out a tree shape from multi-striped hand made paper.  The green is from Paper Source.  The blue is from Anthropologie. I attached them to long cards and will probably add a bit more something - not sure what - maybe some gemstone ornaments or some sparkley garland.
 Next, one of the ideas i had been mulling over was to create cards with christmas tree shapes made out of old postage stamps.  I have HUNDREDS of these, but limited myself to christmas themed stamps from various countries, and stamps with kings and queens.  For no other reason than i had a lot in red or green.
 I also added some "faux" stamps cut from wrapping paper.  I applied the stamps with a mini glue dot roller.  It went really fast and easy.  I love how they turned out!
Finally - here is a shot of the rest of the wrapping papers from Anthropologie. Aren't they gorgeous?  The pink flowers are actually glued to a mesh background - so they are light and ethereal.  I can't wait to come up with more projects for these papers.  Um, no.  I will NOT be wrapping any actual gifts with them!!

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the19crafter said...

Love the cards so much, there all so pretty.
Love the little gem eye's on the birds, so pretty.