Monday, May 3, 2010

Circus Circus - April Altered Calendar

Here are the pages i just completed in Dorothy's colourful Circus themed calendar. Each spread had a image or illustration related to circus.  Our task was to embellish the pages to create a lovely circus themesdcollage.  The first spread above had the illustration on the right.  The picture on the left came from a recent Anthropologie catalog!  Yeah - how cool is that?  It matched almost PERFECTLY.  Of course Anthro is not selling beaded and feathered costumes - i made those.  Paper dolls for grown ups!
This spread had the vintage image on the left of a daredevil tightrope walker. I went with the  black and white theme and added a similar image i found online.  I cut the edges to look like a photograph with deco edge scissors. I created a flap with silver metallic tape.  I did some journaling under the flap and added the silver heart with the phrase I "heart" danger. Some white gesso scraped on with a credit card and some silver ink spatters finish off the spread.
I had no idea what to do with this spread - which had an x-ray of a sword swallower. How creepy!  Then i happened to see the postcard on the left, sitting on my card stand in my craft room. It is an advertisement for Cirque Berzerk.  Not sure where i picked it up - but it was perfect!  I added some striped paper and tape and made another little flap.  I finished it off with a skull and crossbones silver charm.
Ok - back to the happy circus of our youth! Page on the left was in the book - page on the left - more collage courtesy of Anthropologie. I added some simple tape stripes to tie them together. Seriously.  if you don't already, sign up to get their catalogs.  Every month they are filled with luscious images.  You never know when you can use them in an altered book!
This spread was all me.  There was a circus poster of a lion tamer - but i could not figure out what to do.  Searched on-line and found this fun image instead! These lovely ladies are holding big cones of pink cotton candy. Cotton balls i dyed pink with Color Mists from Outside the Margins.  Coincidently Aileen is participating in this round robin.  Please check out her blog to see some of the colour packed pages she has done already.  Can't wait to see what she does with this book!
And finally here is the really cool sign in page Dorothy created for each artist to leave their name and a final bit of collage. What a fun theme and a joy to work in this book!