Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Petite Inspiration Box Swap - Nesting Edition

I am delighted to be participating in my first Match Box Swap.  I first learned about this on Amy Power's website Inspireco.  I took a class with Amy last year and made this adorable wreath.  I read her blog every day - just to see what she is up to.

Well read about her valentine swap HERE.  You will be amazed at the cool things her trading partners managed to fit into those large matchboxes. Check out some other boxes at our hostess Heather's blog Specked Egg  HERE and HERE. So when i heard there was going to be a new swap with a bird's nest theme - well, i could not resist. 
I made these little birds out of air dry clay and painted them assorted shades of blue.  I was inspired by the little birds Amy made for our wreath workshop. You can see the one Amy gave me on a wire coil coming out of the house on the wreath above. Her's was way cuter - with the little party hat!

I also made and painted a bunch of little speckled eggs.
Last night i picked up three large boxes of wooden matches.  I will paint, collage and embellish these boxes to hold all the spring/bird's nest themed items i will place inside for each of my swap partners.
I laid out all the goodies on the dining room table to see how they looked. ahh - not so fast - you nosy parkers!  I shaded the image so that you can not see my colour theme or really identify most of the items! Let's just say they are going to be AWESOME!!!

Now then....what do we do with all the matches?????

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Recycled Rita said...

I wanna peek! I wanna peek! I am having fun with this swap also!
your swap partner (well, the silly one at least!)