Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Easter Card from Scraps!

  My friend Z. wrote to me and asked - what did i do with all those strips of scrapbook paper last spring?  Did i do something with them around easter?  She had created a project that required her to cut thin strips OFF the pretty scrapbook paper she was using to cover some file folders, and had a recollection that i did something with them a year ago.  Then I  received this lovely note card from her in the mail!  
Well i could not remember.  I moved just before easter - so i did not think i had created a special easter project.  But she was right!  I created THESE cool little collages last March.
Z. remembered the eggs and nest in the top corner and used it as inspiration for her lovely easter card!

So save all your scraps ladies! you never know when you'll need them for a project!!

1 comment:

Zenetta said...

wow! thanks for the inspiration. I really had fun making this card. you are a great mentor!