Sunday, November 15, 2009

Purple Pages

This past summer i participated in a "tip in" altered book swap with three friends. I introduced my altered book Purple, HERE. As sometimes life gets in the way - it wasn't until this week that i recieved these pages from Shelley, a talented collage artist i am proud to know.
But whoa, they were worth waiting for! Her pages are 7 1/4" by 5 1/4" per the measurements of my book. She altered front and back - so instead of gluing them into my book - i'll create a pocket to slip them into.
(in sad altered book swap news, the pages i sent to her two months ago have still not turned up - i have just about given up on the US post office, and plan to recreate them)
Here are the backs of the images shown above. Shelley does wonderful layered collage - often with glossy magazine images.
We all agreed to do ATC (artist trading card) for sign in tags in this swap. Here is the back of Shelley's tag - i love this so much - i just might enlarge it and frame it on the wall!
Here is the front of the ATC. With a colour theme like this - it is fun to mix and match elements - anything goes - as long as the colour family is the same.
Now to make receiving this swap even more fun - look how Shelley decorated the envelope! How much fun is that?!?!?!
She also threw in this stunning piece of background paper done with stamps and glaze and paint. I know, i'll use this to create the pockets to hold her purple pages in my book!
Here is the front of the envelope. I have seen this sort of thing in Somerset Studio - i wonder what the post office thinks of these crazy collage artists? I may never send a plain manila envelope again!

Thanks Shelley for all this wonderful artwork. And thanks again to Dorothy and Shanna for this fun swap.

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Michelle said...

Those pages and cards are gorgeous! Thank you for sharing.

Also, the envelopes are awesome. Unfortunately, as the daughter of a long-time postal worker, I can imagine that the machines that sort mail will either chew right through them or misread the addresses and randomly send them to oblivion. :(

Hope that doesn't happen though. Would love to hear if those beautiful envelopes make it to their destinations intact.

Thank you!