Monday, November 2, 2009

Bookcase of the day?

I have been living in our new condo for 5 months now, so there really is no excuse for not having a completely organized and creativity enducing space. But you know, i had so much chaos in the move that although everything had been unpacked and "put away", it was not really sorted and workable. Sure i could create a few things here and there, but for the most part i avoided the space entirely.
But now, is different. We'll have guests! So a complete overhaul was in order. I spent all weekend consolidating supplies and tools and labeling drawers so that everything would be user friendly for my niece Erica, who is visiting this weekend, along with her mom, my sister Donna, and my mom. I have dubbed the event Craft-a-Pallooza! Above is the last of the "misc" bins and totes i finished sorting.
One of my first projects was to sort my books. I have several categories: how-to books on collage and altered books; vintage tomes to become altered books someday; and reference volumes like dictionaries and foreign novels, that i use to tear pages out of; and ones with pretty pictures, like travel guides. Fairly easy to indentify and sort, right? So why did i choose to disregard these themes entirely and sort the books by COLOUR? Because it looks awesome!

I think i got the idea from isuwannee, a blogger who posts the bookcase of the day. But i have since seen it many places, including decorating magazines. You gather up your books and sort them by colour family. I did green - blue - pink - white along one shelf, and yellow - red - orange - brown - beige along the other. No room for black - they're on the other side.
I am so pleased with this i just had to share. Will this make it harder to find a certain book when i need it? maybe. But since my craft room has to double as an office and guest room - i wanted it to look nice.


Redfish Artwork by Vickie Fisher said...

I envy you Diane. I wish I had the space to even get organized. Our house is too small, on 2 bedrooms and only 2 closets in the whole house. Ugh! Your books look great...hope you post more pictures of your progress.

MISS B said...

Oh SWOON! And your books look so sumptuous, great job and thank you so much for linking o I can drool!


Miss B.