Sunday, September 6, 2009

Blue Book

I just completed the last two tip in swap pages for the summer project i worked on with three other ladies. The theme for this book was just about anything, so long as it was blue!

For my first spread i found a picture of ladies of a certain age all dressed up for some high society event, like in Peoria or somewhere. I actually have the original photo. It came in a lot from ebay. It was black and white - so the dresses were easy to colorize in assorted shades of blue.

Would you believe that in the move to So-Cal, i discovered i had a box of tulle. Yeah - a whole box. No idea where it came from. Probably something nobody wanted - so i said, "I'll take it" - at some craft gathering or other. So i could create tulle skirts for 4 of the ladies in the front row - and they are all different shades of blue!

The quote says:
Thank heavens that only their dresses had to be blue for the Annual Blue Danube Dance, so that the ladies of the South Pasadena Women's Auxiliary could express their individuality with their colourful corsages.

In keeping with the retro theme, my next spread combines several vintage elements. Blue floral vintage wallpaper, blue chip stamps, cleverly sewn into curtains and a fetching housewife cut from a 1950's magazine. Haven't thought of a clever caption for this yet, but maybe i'll get some ideas, tonight watching Madmen.

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Kristin said...

Your work is wonderful! Blue is my favorite color to play with -- it must have been such a fun swap. Thank you for sharing! Kristin :)