Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Papaya Design Challenge 2

Please check out the Papaya design challenge participants on the Papaya blog HERE and HERE.
The stuff we created was a testament to how easy it is to design something fabulous with their beautiful and inspiring paper designs. Please be sure to check out both links to see pictures, videos and a slide show of all the cool wrapping, and gift ideas.

I gave all the gifties i made including the boxes and bags to my visitors this weekend. It was my mom's 80th birthday - so she got to pick first. She took home the lovely scented soaps wrapped in deli paper and Papaya's Vintage Tangerine paper designed by Pam Garrison. She also took a cigar box covered with the same paper, filled with note cards. My niece took the altered journal and the scalloped top gift bag. My sister took the other cigar box, covered with the Indian Floral paper and filled with decorated notecards to match. She also took the coordinating gift bag.

Since i could sense some jealousy over the scented soaps, i gave my niece another box i had - and let her decorate it with her new batch of printed deli paper. It came out lovely.

Thanks especially to Brennan at Papaya! for coordinating this fun challenge!

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