Monday, May 25, 2009

an artistic affaire...

When i got the news that i got a new job in LA, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to treat myself.  I had recently read on some blog about an event called An Artistic Affaire - La maison blanche. (the white house).  It was a very girly artsy mini retreat - complete with workshops, decorative touches and fun food and drink created by Kim Caldwell.  Sure enough they were having another event An Artistic Affaire : Printemps(spring) - the logo is all pink and brown featuring flowers and birds - just what i need to kick start the creativity.
I signed up before i moved to LA, and spent all of memorial weekend preparing for the workshops. 

There will be three workshops with three talented artists.  One of them is a mosaic project.  Down the street was a thrift shop that had a small but perfect selection of old plates in my current fav colour pallette - robin's egg blue or aqua with cream and white and a touch of pink.  We will be creating the mosaic on a box provided by the instructor, but i could not pass up on this cute tray (for a buck!) once i know how to do mosaic - i'll surely have stuff left over - and can make a tray!  
In Burbank on Sat to buy a fridge for our new place, i spied a scrapbook store.  I could not resist two assorted paper packs in aqua and pink.  I made good use of these in my special projects.

Since i had some supplies to gather for the retreat - i made good use of coupons to make purchases at the major craft stores.  I bought a few more cute things.  I am really starting to wonder when this bird obsession (been going on over a year now) is going to subside??

Here is some of that cool tape that everyone is talking about!

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