Monday, May 25, 2009

...a vine covered cottage...

Well, where the heck have i been?  About 9 years ago i started a new job in northern california.  My career brought us to sunny novato, leaving behind friends and family back in Montreal. It brought us new adventures, great new friends and wonderful neighbours. it was where i discovered paper arts and altered books.  I took workshops, built my own classes and met many wonderful creative women who became dear kindred spirits.
Last October like so many others, i lost my job.  If someone said you will have 5 months off - wouldn't you ENJOY it?  WOuldn't you have fun and immerse yourself in artsy pursuits? Well, i didn't.  I spent about 8-10 hours a day on monster and yahoo and hot jobs and craigslist.  I barely set foot in my craft room.  Sure - i still had obligations - altered book swaps, hosting workshops, and i started a very rewarding volunteer position at a local school.  But my number one job was finding a job.  I applied to over 500 positions, and flew to Vermont and Minnesota for job interviews. I had video interviews and phone interviews and third and fourth interviews.  And finally, finally i got a job in Southern California!

I moved to Los Angeles April 1st. We rented a corporate apt and set about finding a new home.  We would rent our place up north and rent a place here - and hope that the economy improves and in a year or so it might be better to sell.

I brought a couple of suitcases and a totebag of art supplies.  My husband would be going back and forth - so surely i'd have lots of time to play.  Well - that didn't happen either. After a month in two small apts, we still had not found a house.  SO i chose to move into a furnished spanish style house in a funky neighborhood for a month or so.  Surely HERE i would find time to do some art.

Well, all my spare time was spent looking for a permanent home. Did we want a hip neighborhood?  A house in the suburbs? The cool city scene, or was space the primary concern?

Well, finally we found it - a 60's swank condo in Pasadena. Classic garden style building with a pool - why the heck not? Lots of space for a new and improved art studio and plenty of room for hubby's music. SO here we are - a three day weekend.  Instead of flying back north to help packing - i am treating myself to a ME weekend.  ALL me - all art.  Art and chick flicks.

Here is one of the cool things in my artsy cottage we must try to recreate in the new place, a projector for showing dvd's on the living room wall!  Here's Brad 10 feet tall. Brad and I had fun creating this weekend - check out my posts!

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