Monday, May 25, 2009

buyer beware!

As part of the artistic affaire retreat i will be attending next week, there will be a swap to create altered birdhouses.  I got a very clever idea - how about i create a birdhouse out of a cuckoo clock?  WOuldn't that just be the coolest thing ever?

As you can imagine - this whole losing a job, going on unemployment, paying COBRA, moving to a new city has put a strain on the pocketbook.  But still - i have to LIVE, don't I?  

So i start cruising ebay looking for vintage cuckoo clocks.  There are TONS of them. I don't need to spend a lot of money - because i don't care if it actually works. I just want the box - preferably with some nice carved birds.

I make my selection - i am the first bidder - great - still a few days to go.  I WIN - yay - please send it to my  temporary address. 
 The box arrives.  Gee it is small.  
Gee it is light. What the heck is in here?  
SO much popcorn - where is the damn cuckoo clock???

Oh - here it is.  good thing it was cheap.
Oh yeah, i checked the listing.  It clearly said "MINI" clock and gave accurate measurements.  I must have got caught up in the excitement to buy something that i overlooked the facts.  My bad.  Lesson learned.
But hey - it is ADORABLE.  Just like those mini cows and the mini sirloin burgers....

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