Tuesday, January 13, 2009

That's Clever final countdown...

Ok - so if you are interested, please check out HGTV's That's Clever on Thursday morning, January 15th, for my Altered Book Keepsake Box segment. I wrote all about it here.
Please be forwarned! They FORCE you to be cutesie for the camera. I naturally exude a cool calm demeaner, so there is no telling how embarrassing the show will be after they edit it.But i am really excited, having waited over TWO YEARS for the show to air! Here are some other examples of the project i did on the show. All the background papers are hand painted and stamped deli paper. have i mentioned it glues beautifully?


Lori at The Nova Studio said...

how exciting diane! thanks for letting me know. i hope i can get that channel. i cut down my cable channels a while ago and don't get nearly what i used to. i'll send a message out on twitter right now so your former students can catch your episode. hopefully that's clever will have an on-line link or someone will upload it to youtube!

HeArt Collective said...

i'm so excited for you, diane! i'm going to be setting the TiVo...

congratulations on your spot finally airing!

rosemarie said...

I loved your segment on the show this morning. Unfortunatly I missed the part where you cut the pages. I'm dying to know how you did this.
I am now starting to do paper collages myself and currently working on a "Mandella". I'm sure I share your exileration for color and texture. The eye floods with
design and color that gives a feeling of being taken away.
Best of luck to you. Your wesite is great too.