Sunday, January 25, 2009

AB swap and Collage workshop

I had my altered book swap and workshop today with my small but committed AB group. My altered book, "Music", from the fall was returned to me filled with lovely pages all reflecting the artists favorite songs, or a song that cried out for a page to honour it!
read about my pages here.
These are the pages from Shelley - she went overboard with a multi layer house flip book within the book. to represent the song Our House. Here is another of her spreads - when you flip up the card on the left it actually PLAYS the guitar riff from Bad to the Bone! Dorothy did this beautiful page with the song Everyone's Gone to the Moon. She also did this one where she used one of the songs already in the book called Sweet Miss Mary. I have two good friends named Mary - and they are both very sweet indeed!
Carol did this spread in her clean simple style with one of my favorite songs, In My Life, by the Beatles.
She also did this page with a disco vibe and the song I Will Survive. She included a cut out version of Bette because, she is still going strong in Vegas!
My sign-in page shows the CD's the girls decorated with one spot left for me I guess!

Not only did i get my book "Music" back from the fall swap, i got a new book to work on. The themes the girls chose were quite varied:
"Sounds greek and roman to me" will be a book filled with whatever links back to ancient rome or greece, like the gods, the planets, good food - whatever.
"Written on the body" is a all about beautiful vintage nudes and encorporating words into the imagery
"Houses" - well, don't remember the exact name - but we will get two house shapes to alter, that Dorothy will later assemble into an art piece.
I'll be sure to post the pages as i work on these projects over the next three months.
For our workshop we each created a collage inspired by Jo Schukar's work in Somerset Studio that i wrote about in the prior post. Scroll down for step by step instructions. As luck would have it i forgot not only my digital camera, but also my artwork to show the gals.
But i did have the magazine and of course my blog to see what i made. Anyway, i needn't have worried. They all did AMAZING collages, WAY better than mine, if i do say so myself. Our hostess took some pics and here they are: I am very proud of their talents.
Tulips By Carol
By Dorothy By ShelleyAnd by me.

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