Friday, January 30, 2009

Vintage Pattern Thank You Note

A dear friend of mine treated me to lunch this week, along with another out-of-work friend. It was a nice ladies-who-lunch event. Well, except for Bob, who, well, isn't a lady. We had a lovely time, a yummy meal and i just had to send a thoughtful thank you note.I spied that people on are selling these vintage patterns. I had been thinking i would create some fun collage with these types of images. So why not use it for the card? Well since Mary also gave me an old blouse in green silk shantung (it had a tear and she thought i might like the fabric), why not somehow encorporate the fabric into the card.
So I did! Here's how:
Print out the image on heavy paper - i used my favorite matte photo paper.
Trim the photo
Make a slit at the top of the dress along the neckline and the shoulders.
Cut a slit at the waistline.
Cut a slit at the hemline.
Cut two strips of fabric, one narrow for the bodice, one wide for the skirt.
Fold in the edges and use a bit of glue stick to secure.
I used a piece with the button to act as a brooch on the dress.
Slide the fabric under the slit at the neckline.
Fold or pinch the fabric and slide into the waist. adjust to cover the image and "fit".
Gather up the wide piece and slot it into the waist band. Be careful not to tear the paper.
Tuck the bottom of the fabric into the hemline slot.
Glue the image to a backing paper. I used a textured green that looks like eyelet. Trim with rick rack.
Glue to a cardstock card.
Looking at the scan, it would be better if i had run a quick stitch through the top of the skirt to make tighter gathers. But it was quick this way and looks nice and couture. Mary will love it!


Chrisy said...

I like the way you've incorporated the fabric...a very lovely thank you note...

Robin said...

Very cool looking!