Saturday, September 13, 2008

Altered Book ready to Swap!

Here are the images of my newest altered book: MUSIC. I colored the cover of the book which was a muddy green with some Pinata colours. I added the letters. I will be meeting with my round robin friends Sunday to swap.
Here is the Title Page:

Here is the Intro Page:

The book i used is a 1924 Music song book. The idea is to create collage that is influenced by your favorite songs.

This page is the song by Feist - 1-2-3-4. The one used on the iPod commercial. My page represents the innocence of the song - so i used paper dolls and toys to create the spread.

This one is the song New Soul by Yael Naim. It is the one used on the MacAir commercial - you know, the one with the laptop so thin it fits in a manila envelope. That song is just stuck in my head these days. The girl represents the "new soul", the innocence and optimism. She is on a journey of self discovery. Hence the sort of yellow brick road type path to the emerald city. Remember the poppies? Paper flowers sprayed with Color Mists from Outside the Margins.

And finally, The Tubes - What do you want from Life. With my favorite line, "...and a baby's arm holding an apple". Kept this one simple as you can see.

And here is the sign in page. I used CD's covered with CD label stickers inside CD envelopes. Each artist can decorate the CD as if it were an album cover!

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seth said...

Love this book. Each and every page is so interesting,