Monday, February 4, 2008

Altered Book Prep: Asian Style

What i love about preparing for an altered book class is putting together the kits for the collage spreads we do in the class. Here is an Asian themed kit.
I spend a lot of time on this - probably way more than necessary - but it is one of my favorite parts of the class. Seeing the delight in the eyes of the students as they open the packet and see the treasures inside. This one contains a page from a Chinese text book, two pieces of mulberry paper printed with asian characters, some gold printed fish, some printed origami paper, and a piece of Chinese joss paper. For embellishments i included a Japanese printed sticker from Dover. Those cute little sticker books - gotta lov'em. Also a butterfly (thank you dollar store) and a little chinese coin. I'll finish it off with some fun fibres.

I have heard about other altered book classes where they dump a box of scraps on the table and say, "Go for it." I think that is fun when you are more experienced, but in a beginner class, i want the students to focus on composition and style, and less on the materials. I will put together a selection of interesting printed papers, ephemera and doo-dads that i guarantee are going to look great collaged together. I want each student to take the time to play with each element and learn how to put it all into a cohesive altered book spread.
I'll be sure to take pics to show off what we create in class - stay tuned!

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carol said...

As one of your students, I agree that the packets are very helpful. Exactly as you say, for a beginner, it's a bit stressful to try and find inspiration and the right materials to get started!