Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Altered Book Collage Themes

For my Altered Book Class on Sunday, i prepared the wonderful kits described below, I packed up the car with ALL the materials, tools and supplies the students would need to create their own altered books. I even include vintage books! It is always a stressful time to get prepped and to make sure i remember EVERYTHING. So did I forget anything? YES...... my Camera!

So all I have to show for the magical creativity my students displayed in class, is the work I did. Rushed as it was, just to illustrate some of the options.

Here are the scans:
I think the bird theme a la Anna Corba was my favorite. The simplicity of the layout - using mirror image symmetry, creates a very pleasing collage.
Looking at the travel theme in the scan, it jumps out at me how i did not carry the colour on the left page over to the right - something i could easily correct. The sewn pocket is cool- but it is harder to balance the composition. But i do love how the bonus element turned out. I showed the class how to take a basic computer print out of a postcard and transform it into a vintage looking original, by mounting it on cardboard, and adding a few simple altering tricks.
The Asian theme was done on a spread with two triangle flaps. There is a secret pocket on the left hidden under the flap. The Asian printed papers are conducive to a geometric colour blocked collage, with a few added elements to create interest, like the butterfly sticker and the ribbons.
I really wish i could show you the work the students did. It was exceptional. It is especially interesting to see how 10 people can create such variety of art with the same materials! Each one adds their own personal touch, their own flavour.


vintagepix said...

Wow - those look great and I loved your shots of your supply kits! Lucky students!! (I have the problem that I bring my camera to classes and ATC meetings and then completely forget to pull it out until everything is over!)

JonesMoore said...

Really nice work! I used to live in San Francisco. I now teach and create mixed media art in the Seattle area--come and visit my blog!