Thursday, January 31, 2008

Christmas is finally over

Well yes - we finally took down the christmas tree. It was so darn nice - i couldn't bring myself to undecorate it. You see, i had a new theme this year, and frankly it wasn't remotely "christmas-y" anyway - so it was nice to keep up through the rainy and dark January period.
In keeping with my desire to re-do the living room in my new favorite colour, that robin's egg blue with a touch of aqua - i bought all new ornaments. Beautiful glass balls from Restoration Hardware, sparkly garland, glass picture frames which i used for vintage angel christmas card images, and birds. All the birds i could get my hands on for cheap. Feather birds, beaded birds, glass birds, velvet birds. Oh, and nests of course. Birds and Blue - that was my new theme. Next year hopefully our living room will be painted my new favorite colour and the tree will look even better!
So far Jim is refusing to paint - not because he doesn't think it would look great, but because he cannot bear the upheaval. And yeah - it will be a big undertaking. Not the painting as much as moving the furniture: a vintage upright piano, a large buffet, china cabinet, queen size sofa bed (you know how heavy those are) plus other miscellaneous pieces in our large LR-DR room. And i figure while we are painting, and have moved all the furniture, we ought to put in hardwood floors. Then it would be fabulous!
As you can see i have already begun the transformation, even without the perfect pale blue walls. Look at my lovely cushions, picked up at Marshalls whenever i saw ones i liked. The old paint colour - a vibrant ochre, was very popular with whoever saw it - but after 7 1/2 years i just need something new and fresh.
Oh - and i am buying new dishes too - guess what colour they are.....?

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