Thursday, February 21, 2008

Crunch Time.....!

Ok - here i am at work taking a break to express my concerns about all the stuff i have to do in the next three days. It is weighing heavily on my mind. I am starting a new altered book round robin swap on Sunday and i only have the cover partially done. I mean it isn't really even started. I have the book and the theme, but that's it! And it isn't like it is something normal and sweet with vintage pictures and lovely collage. No, I plan it to be edgy and modern and new and will require me to push myself creatively.
I also have 31 4"x4" pages to do for a swap with a group who'll be meeting at Asilomar in April. The theme is Windswept. I have never done a 4x4 swap and i HATE HATE HATE working with small dimensions. Oh and did i mention the pages have to arrive my March 1st. So yeah, like I better get cracking. I do have the concept and spent a few hours last night brianstorming. And well, i want them to be fabulous. Not something easy. I know I will be using the image at the top somehow. It is a picture i took a few years ago in Mendocino, or maybe Fort Bragg. How about that - my own copyright free picture of windswept trees - perfect!

The Carmel coastline was a postcard i picked up at an estate sale last weekend - perfect again - i'll use this image for the backs.
I also have to prepare for my advanced altered book workshop on Sunday. Almost full at 9 students, it just means i have to work harder at making sure i have all the supplies i need, put the kits together and make sure i don't forget anything. Then after the class is my AB workshop, the group i will be swapping the new book with. Luckily that is something i cleverly did in advance - the Kelly Rae Roberts collage discussed in a previous post. See - I can do SOMETHING in ADVANCE. But sadly most things, will be squeeked through at the last minute!

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