Tuesday, December 31, 2013

50 Swallows

I ordered 100 die cut birds in cream coloured card stock from a lovely etsy seller to add to my christmas cards.  sadly due to the slow mail they did not make it in time. (although i probably would not have had time to finish them anyway!)  CHeck out her site HERE.
Since i was going to see my sister over the holidays, and it was her special 50th birthday on the 21st - i decided to put the birds to good use.  i created a garland with 50 birds - just by running them through my sewing machine with about 5 inches in betwen each one. 
Here you can see she hung them over her kitchen door and windows where they can enjoy the snowy winter until spring when they have to fly from Calgary to Capistrano!


Zenetta said...

I love that! What a creative idea and it looks so cool at your sisters home. She is a lucky gal!

Introverted Art said...

wow amazing and definitely a lot of work!