Sunday, January 19, 2014

Once Upon A Time AB

 Once upon a time we stayed on top of our schedule for our alterd book swaps.  oh well, 2013 got a little bit off target so here i am in january 2014 completed my pages for the month of october. again i had the pleasure to work in K's book - called Once Upon a Time.  You can see what i did last march HERE.  To recap, we were to create pages telling the story of two girls and their various fairy godmothers and evil fairies - in our own words and pictures.
My spread above started with a background of two carpet images from a catalog.  I thought they could evoke a fanciful tree and a river of fish.  i chose some vintage illustrations to create the characters for the story. It wasn't my original intention - but they look like they are perched on a large tree limb - so let's go with that!  The leaves are stickers and the one floating in the river has a small bug (also part of the story).  Let's hope he disappears!
 I found this tent image in a magazine and thought i'd create some sort of circus-y spread. it turned into a fortune teller with a crystal ball.  the two children look very displeased about what she has to say. Vintage ledger paper in the background.
Here is my sign in tag - i need to create a little story to go along with my spreads and attach it to the tag.  better late than never - this book is now ready for three additional artists to finish it off before we can send it back to K!  Stay tuned - we are ready to start NEW books for 2014...!

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