Monday, December 2, 2013

Altered Book - Paper Dolls 2

 I have been having fun creating paper dolls for L's altered book.  I previously worked on the book HERE.  Our little spiral bound calendars are almost finished their journey through the 6 of us - each getting the books twice this year to work on.  I started with a pretty gal cut from a catalog.  I put her on a swirly green paper background and added a few "fashion" phrases.  For her first frock i created a whimsical polka dot party dress and added a netting petticoat and a pink bow.  The dress attaches with a gemstone magnetic so you can actually PLAY with this paper doll!
 Here is a mod a-line dress made from a handmade paper that looks a bit like tie dye. Oops - your slip is showing...!
 All girls need a little black dress - this one cut from this silver/black check.
 Finally i made a big poufy skirt and organza blouse.  all made with paper and a copper organza bow.
 And every girl needs a nice big closet for her clothes - they all go in here!
 Here is the next spread.  A cute little kewpie style red head with a paper wardrobe accented with ribbons and trims.  Her background is a mixture of orange and purple stained ledger paper, some striped fabric and some jumbo orange rick rack trim.
All her clothes fit in the sheer pockets on the left and attach to the doll with another magnetic gemstone.  Have fun playing with your doll book L!

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Tricia said...

I just discovered your blog as I was doing a Google search on altered book sign in pages. I love your blog! I have been doing altered books for many years, but I don't even know when I started. I have participated in a few round robins and love that venue. I am starting one in January and was looking for a unique way to do my sign in page. I have literally spent several hours reading your blog. It is nice to find a kindred spirit on the web. God bless.