Sunday, October 13, 2013

the Paris Flea Market down the road...

Well not exactly! I have not been in France recently - but i did go to a lovely french style flea market today with my friend Z and discovered a fantastic booth with authentic French goodies.
 Here are 3 notebooks - one filled with lovely handwriting.
 The child's notebook or "cahier" has practice cursive writing.  The third is a medical document.  The title actually says Urine Retention with Pregnancy! 
Isn't that romantic and Parisian?
 Next are an assortment of cute things:
two pastry bags is pretty pink vellum. 4 bird playing cards. some dressmaker numbered ribbon. a beautiful cherry blossom millinery flower. a pharmacy pill box.
Here is a card (not entirely french) with beautiful vintage buttons ready to hang. 
None of this stuff was cheap. 
 But i daresay a lot less expensive than airfare and hotels for a trip to the marche aux puces de Clignancourt in Paris!
A few more purchases at a couple of other vendors, after a luscious cafe aux lait.  i found this pretty blue perfume mister for $2.  (sadly it held britney spears cologne - ew.  not very french!)  the necklace will be fun to take apart and create 8 different pendants.  the earrings are sort of creepy - and will come in handy for our next halloween themed play date.