Monday, September 30, 2013

Play Date: Collage and Paint

Like the project i did last month with my friend L, the three of us each created a collage and turned it into a painting. We started by painting white gesso on a wooden board or canvas.  then added collage papers in a completely random way.   My landscape started out as a patchwork of assorted papers like this:
The idea is to just rotate it around until you "find" the art within.  Frankly i didn't see anything!  but D and S saw a landscape of sorts.
So take a dark paint and outline or create your image.  then fill in around with paint.  You can "cheat" a little and add some additional collage materials - as you can see above i added trees and a bird.
Here is S's collage - you can see how in her case there was clearly a bird flying in the middle of the collage. - so she went with that!
 Look how cool it looks - you can still see some texture on the canvas.
Here is D's collage - with the beginnings of her image.  She "saw" a highway patrolman in her collage and just brought out his face.
By the time she was done, well, she "saw" an ice cream cone and a watch and a few other random shapes.  So cool!  it helps to just be free and go with it!


Lucie said...

Wow, these are amazing! I love your landscape Diane, very vintage and "group of seven" in style.

Unknown said...

I really like this idea. It seems that a ton of possibilities could be created using the technique you showed of putting a bunch of papers down "randomly" and then creating something out of it. Thanks for sharing this and the photos along with it.