Monday, October 21, 2013

Paper Kachina Dolls and Birds

 At this weekend's play date - we used these Kachina style dolls from Cloth Paper Scissors as our inspiration.  Our friend S created a bunch last month and gave us the idea.  The ones in the magazine had more organic elements and a small altoid tin box behind, for hidden treasures.
 Mine was filled with assorted beads and jewelry findings.  I guess you just keep adding stuff until it looks "done"!  The base is two pieces of cardboard glued together in a sort of "T" shape.  then i covered it with hand painted deli paper.  Which glues beautifully by the way.  then added the striped ribbon and more paper and a fimo clay face my friend K brought to share.  Ribbon is added as "arms" with a few beads hanging off the ends.  Enameled butterfly and gold tassle earrings are the "legs".
 S brought her face mold and some fimo clay plus i had some paper clay - so i stocked up on faces to make more dolls!  I want to make some with a halloween theme.
 The bird inspiration came from a book D had called Acrylic Techniques in Mixed Media. Here's one from the book.
 D made copies of this image showing more examples, plus gave us all the pattern - in three different sizes!
I used a pretty Monet painting from a glossy art magazine as the background for my pair of birds.  I added wings made out of metallic printed washi paper with brads.  You know, so they can "fly".  A few more earrings from my stash of cosmetic jewelry for the legs.  (sorry - inside joke...)  I intended to add more doodads - but the image is just so pretty just like this  - nice and simple.  So i might just leave them as is!

Sorry forgot to take pictures of my art group's work!  The Horror!  I'll update the blog when they send them to me.  So please check back....!

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