Monday, November 11, 2013

Play Date - Caged Santos Dolls

We were all given a basic papier mache covered foam torso from Michaels to play with for this month's play date.
The original concept was to make caged santos dolls like this one (like mine - purchased online)  - but you give 5 ladies the same starting point - they are bound to go off in different directions!
 I found the perfect sized head on a Bratz doll - painted it white and put her unruly greenish hair in a bun, and painted it white as well.  I used an oval embroidery hoop for the base and rulers for the cage.
I wrapped her torso in plaster gauze which helped to secure the tops of the rulers.  I tried nails and glue but the gauze really did the trick.  i used fine wire to attach the rulers to the base.
I threaded a wire through her shoulders and attached arms made from thinner guage wire and paper clay.  The hands are a bit out of proportion - so i can sand them down when they dry fully.  She will get a coat of paint, a new painted face and a cute bird.
 Z.'s santos begins with a vintage industrial thread spool he saved from her grandfather.  she will drape the santos in a skirt of vintage ecru laces and ribbons. Including her grandmother's tatting!
 Without the head - you cannot get the total effect - but you can imagine how awesome it is going to look!
 K. decided to make her torso into a mermade.  she fashioned a head ,arms and a tail out of clay.  She painted them sea green and added beads and other bling.
She will be getting a full head of hair, but for now you can see how cute she is with her beaded fins.  and she is perfectly balanced to sit "just so".
Karen sent us a picture of her painted face she completed after the play date.  WOWSA.  Check out those eyes!
 D. is known to like to go off in a different direction from the rest of us - to push the envelope, so to speak.  So you give a girl a human torso and before you know it it has a clown head and a birdhouse for a "skirt".
But then she goes 17 steps further, and adds golf tees for hair, juice tins for wings, and a chandelier lampshade for a base.  And since this is nowhere near completed, there is no telling what direction it might take!
We all loved creating these santos inspired dolls and agree that we must create another, or three.  SInce there are just too many fun ideas to try!


Zenetta said...

Great post, Diane. I like the direction your Santos is going. I have to say this was one of my most favorite play date projects ever!

Aileen said...

what fun! Nice to see you creating. I love seeing all the different takes on the same idea :-)