Sunday, September 8, 2013

Daring Adventures in Paint

I started an online course with Mati Rose McDonough called Daring Adventures in Paint.  Our homework for this week was to experiment with backgrounds. We also had some smaller tasks like find a new artist, look for red things, buy some new magazines, and pick out some paint samples at the hardware store.    we were shown a couple of videos and told to just have fun and play and not over think it!  Here is my progress with the backgrounds.
 i started with three globs of paint on each canvas (i did two simultaenously).  Medium blue, aqua and silver.  just literally reached into a box of paint and went with it!
 i smooshed them all around with a large brush and this was the soft blue result.
 these might eventually become a dyptique - who knows!?
 once the first layer was dry i added globs of  yellow/orange pale green and more blue.
 then i added some brown and added squiggles and words with the end of the paint brush.
 more brown and more squiggles
then i added some streaks of white/buff with the end of the paint brush and some magenta dots
and there you have it...  two interesting backgrounds - i'll patiently wait for our lessons from week 2 to find out what to do next!

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