Monday, September 9, 2013

Altered Book Flower Techniques - Weaving!

 For our continuing altered calendar round robin, i had Z's book to work in.  She asked each of us to create pages that show off a NEW technique, using flowers as the theme.  You can see what i did last time HERE.  I decided to show off various paper weaving techniques.  For the first half spread i used a glossy magazine image of a rose bush - cut in straight lines, combined with a rosy coloured textured paper cut in curvy lines.  The cool thing about paper weaving is that you can cut the paper anyway you want - and it will fit together!  My pictures are not great (too much glare) but you can see the play on print and solid.  I added a few flower appliques on the side.
 For this spread i used two pages from a museum ad in a magazine featuring tiffany glass style windows.  Since i had two large pages, i could show what happens when you mix two SIMILAR images.  I cut thin and thick lines in each.  It could use some embellishments - some jewels perhaps? to finish it off.
 Here i chose two DIFFERENT but patterned floral papers and cut the paper on the diagonal.  This looks easy but is really tricky to do - well, it is finicky to say the least.  A couple of layered flower petals complete the page.
For the last spread i wanted to try something really challenging - so i chose a traditional flower illustration and a vintage business document.  Instead of just cutting the flower page into strips, i cut out each stem, leaf and flower and wove the strips of the document in and around them.  I tried to respect the "over/under" process in weaving, but hated to cover up too much of the flowers.  Anyway - it came out interesting to say the least!

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