Sunday, October 5, 2008

What did you make today?

I made something - woo woo. Finally. It is a collage on a canvas board - 8x10". I started with various text pages in different languages and glued them to the board - upside down, sideways, etc. Then I applied some random swaths of white gesso to make it coehesive and a bit ghostly. I cut out a house and roof from printed paper and glued them to the board slightly askew. I used oil pastels to outline the house and to add some colour to the gessoed papers. There is a scrap of paper that had an address - 84 Chauncey street - so that dictated the numbers on the house. A small gold charm was perfect as a light fixture. The clock face was torn out of a catolog. It had something in front of it - so the placement (which turned out awesome) was due to cutting out a lamp and needing to hide that side of the clock. It has the effect of a full moon which i think is really cool. And finally the bird. He was made using black oil pastel and a stencil. I love how it isn't perfect - but a little splotchy.
I want to say i was very influenced by Lisa Kaus on this piece. I will probably coat the whole thing with beeswax. Check out her work here. I love how she uses charcoal pencil to add outline and whimsical details to her art. Thanks for the inspiration!

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