Sunday, October 5, 2008

On a roll here....

Ok - I made something else. I went shopping yesterday to get ingredients for a nice autumn dinner. Next door to the bakery is a cute shop called the Feathered Nest. I saw a charming wall hanging from a company called a.i. paper design, is the website. The owner, April McCrumb, starting making fun paper items and then sold them at craft fairs - and now well, she is a bona fide company with sales reps and the whole shebang. Anyway - i was inspired to try to make a wall hanging along the same lines as hers. She calls them Ransom Quotes. I call mine adorable.

The inspiration piece had a painted wooden frame shadow box and was sealed with a plexiglass cover. I started with an 8x10" canvas - working on the back - instant shadow box! I layered into the niche two coordinating papers, then framed up the edges with more. In this case the paper was conveniently two sided - so i got 4 different patterns from just two pieces. I used sticky glue - since the uneven edges of the stapled canvas would have been hard using anything else. I trimmed the edges in striped ribbon which also elongated the piece.
Remember last week when i talked about sorting and storing all my ribbons and fibres? Well it was so nice to reach into the drawer marked "novelty trims" and pull out this perfectly coordinating striped ribbon.

Ok - so now the fun part. Find 4 cute things in all my little drawers (also neatly sorted) to arrange on the paper. I knew a leaf for sure. Then a fun button. And two little paper flowers and finally a butterfly. I layered the leaf on top of some orange tissue to make it stand out a bit more. The gold button had a recess that was perfect for a splash of mini beads.

I looked online for a quote. There are millions of quotes on the internet. But i ended up just picking up a poetry book and looking for a simple phrase.
is found in

Isn't that cute? What a fun and easy project for a sunny sunday afternoon. Just puts a smile on your face!


Simple Journeys said...

I love everything about this piece! The colors, the compostion, the quote, all of it! It definitely makes me smile. I will be copying ....ummm, making one something like it! :)

Honeydew Studio said...

Hi! I just got your message about HGTV on my blog. 2006? Oh my goodness! And I thought my summer 2007 taping was a long time ago! I spoke with another crafter who is supposed to be on the same season as you (I'm in the 500 series) and she had to contact HGTV themselves. Here's her blog about it:

Supposedly, the 400 season will start airing January of '09. I haven't heard any more info since then! Best of luck and let me know if you hear anything!

(Love your work, by the way! This piece is lovely!!!) (o:

unlikelycrafter said...

ooh, looks nice. Are you thinking about using this or the house design from the previous post for our altered book swap project this month?