Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween and other scary thoughts

I carved the pumpkin and made the goodie bags for the neighborhood kids. I loaded the dishwasher and cleaned the kitchen counters and vacuumed the den carpet.
(insert loud screeching car brake noises here)


Yes - i am home doing domestic chores, something i never do. Why you might ask? Because i lost my job this week. After moving to California 8 and a half years ago for this exciting opportunity, it all came crashing down on Tuesday, when the company laid off a third of their head office workforce. Some 130 people out of work. I suppose i take some comfort in that - knowing that it wasn't just me being singled out. My friends and former colleagues have been very sweet and supportive.
Many of them say the same thing: time to focus on your art. I have never considered myself an artist. A teacher, yes. A good crafter, yes. Pretty talented at using art as a jumping off point to create something with my own point of view, yes. But i never went to art school and never spent any serious time focusing on art. I really do need to get another job - but i do have some breathing room. So maybe I will. Maybe i will focus on art for a while.
My husband has been incredible making sure i have everything i need and space to figure it all out. Doesn't he know all i really want is for him to load the dishwasher and do the vaccuming? But then again, all great artists have to suffer don't they?

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Anonymous said...

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