Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday is my funday...

What a great day. I taught a beeswax collage class to one student, who has taken the class before, who is a member of my altered book monthly swap group. SO let's just say it was completely without stress or work of any kind. We both passed a lovely 4 hours just collaging and working with sweet smelling melted beeswax.
That's my piece above and here is Carol's. I like the simplicity of her placement. Mine is a bit messy.
Anyone out there want to take a fun and relaxing class? Please contact Scrapbook Territory to sign up! I'd love to have you! Coming up in november is the altered book keepsake box. In December is the cigar box assemblage workshop.

After the class my monthly altered book group met. Just the four of us. We did a show and tell of the pages we did in each other's books. Next we shared various projects we created in the past month. Then we each created an 8x10" canvas collage featuring a wonky house in the style of Lisa Kaus. We used assorted printed papers to create a background, the house and roof. I printed an assortment of large clocks from GOogle images for large moons. A thin application of gesso ties it all together. Portfolio Oil Pastels are used to create the shading and coloring and the birds done with a stencil. We added number - some big some small for a whimsical touch. You can see that Dorothy (#39) and I (#5) went dark, while Carol (#8) and Shelley (#3) went lighter. It is interesting how you can take a concept and go so many directions!

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