Monday, May 5, 2008

Make it Monday - RED!

This week's challenge from's weekly challenge is RED! I used a 5" square canvas to make a little collage using a butterfly from Ten Two Studios collage sheets. This sheet is called Butterfly Cards and is made up of a selection of 19 reproduction cigarette cards from the 20's and 30's.
I seem to be using the backside of stretched canvases a lot lately! This one was perfect to create a small three dimensional specimen. the butterfly is actually pierced on a pin inside the niche of the canvas. Simple french script creates the background. A neat row of redish stamps creates a border along one side of the red paper glued to the canvas.
Please check out go make something's monday challenges and see some fun art:
Check out Ten Two Studio's collage sheets here:
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lisavollrath said...

Good job, D!

Serra55 said...

Diane, Thanks for signing my blog! You were the first one. I now have 4 posts (OH, WOW!), I'm not in this for the fame, luckily. But I must say you have a lovely web site and your art work is enjoyable. Keep on creating, it's there!

Artyfax said...

Love your art work.

I just found the blog via the GMS weekly challenge, hope to be a regular contributor from now on as you say it seems like great fun and a great way of increasing the range of subjects/themes I tackle

Candace said...

Hi, Diane, this is how I found you. The gomakesomething that a friend sent Me. Excellent post here and the work is very inspiring.