Monday, May 5, 2008

The romance of wrought iron

I just love images of ornately swirled wrought iron gates. What a fun thing to collect. I just found out how to create a mosaic with flickr pics. I will be sure to give credit to the talented photographers and also to express jealously that they live near or have visited these great architectural wonders. Click on the links below to go to flickr to see more of their work.

If you have wondered how to create a mosaic like this one - please check out Big Huge Labs. You need to have a good supply of "favs" preselected on flickr - which you can then convert to a mosaic like this one.

1. Door with blue iron gate, 2. iron gate, 3. Wrought Iron Gate, 4. Chelsea Royal Hospital Main Iron Gates Entrance, 5. Iron Gate, 6. Door With Iron Gate, 7. Iron Gates, 8. Iron gate and steps in stone wall, 9. Wrought Iron Gate, 10. Wrought iron gate, 11. Weeping Angel cast iron gate, 12. Vienna - baroque gate, 13. The Gate Of The Mansion, 14. to the gates, 15. Aged gates, 16. Gate into the present

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