Friday, May 23, 2008

ATC's - Garden Statues

Here are the finished Artist Trading Cards for the California Art Girls swap. This month's theme is "Garden Statues". I wrote a bit about the process in a prior post. I sent them off today to the swap hostess.

But i did want to share how they came out. I mentioned making them hinge somehow but rejected that plan when i could not decide what to put underneath the flap. You know, like something of "significance" to make it interesting. So instead i used pop dots to raise up the statues to give the cards a 3-D effect. I found garden related phrases in a book and cut them out and glued them on. I then randomly smeared rub'n'buff metallic paints to give a verdigris finish to the stone. I love how the shadows fall on the background.
I finished off the backs with a garden image torn from a magazine ad and a butterfly sticker. People wonder if you "have" to do the backs. You don't. But hey - why not put something there besides your name, so that it will be just as much fun to turn it over and look at the other side. I created a simple label on the computer with the swap name and the number of the set, ie 1 of 6, 2 of 6, etc. I have seen other ATC traders do that and thought it looked so professional, like limited edition prints! I added a touch of colour to the labels with cat's eye stamps. Nothing i hate more than when WHITE computer paper stands out on a collage. PLEASE always make it blend in to the background - so it doesn't scream BRAND NEW WHITE COMPUTER PAPER, especially on a vintage sepia tone collage.
Ok - rant over. I shouldn't tell you, but in my early altered book swapping days, i often added colour to the prior person's work - when i thought their elements looked too incongruous. It takes about 5 seconds to dab a bit of an ink pad direct to paper, or to swirl on some glaze. Or splash on some of Aileen's super fab Color Mist sprays.


Artyfax said...

Wonderful images and love the way you do your ATC backs.

BTW found the blog via GMS, make it mondays page


thealteredpage said...

Great ATCs. I especially love the patina you created and the depth using the pop dots.