Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Little Pink Things

Lori at the Nova Studio asked me if i could do something with some little matchbooks she had. Lori teaches candlemaking, in addition to DIY soap and other beauty products. These little matchbooks come in handy when lighting your latest candle creation. These are a great idea if you are gifting someone a candle, like for a hostess gift, why not include some darling little decorated matchbooks to go with it?

I cut out some images from Ten Two Studios Pink Things collage sheet. They were the perfect size for this project - about 1 1/2" x 2". I edged the image with some cat's eye ink pads (my personal fave) and added some coordinating paper to the back.

To give them an extra sweet touch i attached a pink brad to the front - like a mini drawer. The final touch - a bit of bling applied with a sticky glue dot.

The candle above is from Anna Corba.

Please use **CAUTION** when striking a match with these decorated matchbooks. Better yet - just enjoy how pretty they are and use a lighter!


LORI NOVA said...

AMAZING JOB DIANE! I'm so impressed - they look amazing. And with a candle to match - too cute - what a wonderful personalized gift. Maybe we should start a side business... candles by lori & art matches by diane!

Anne-Marie said...

I agree; these look awesome! You're very creative.