Saturday, May 2, 2015

Play Date - UFO's

 What is a UFO you might ask? 
 The bane of the artist/crafter's existence - the UnFinishedObject!  
We decided to forgo our typical NEW IDEA for our monthly play date - instead to each work on our own halfway done projects
 I did some fabulous paper painting collage projects back in the fall you can read about HERE.  I started these birds but never finished them.  i had painted the birds and background roughly and did some collage for the branches with text in different fonts and colours.
 So at the play date i started to collage the birds themselves - starting with yellow shades for the bellies.
 Then onto dark blues for the birds and lighter blues for the sky.
Just kept adding paper to the sky and the sides of the thick canvases.
 I worked back and forth on the two canvases.  Three birds on one and two on the other.

 Pretty much done....?
NO!  how about some leaves!
I think they could use some paint to soften the sky and to make the birds more distinct from the background.  Yikes - yet another unfinished project!
 My friend Z had missed the paper painting play date, so was anxious to try it.  So TECHNICALLY her project was not something unfinished, but we are not sticklers  for details.  She purchased a cool looking denim covered canvas at Michaels to use as a base for this cow collage.  You can see her inspiration photo on the left.  She painted the cow with white paint - i think it looks  awesome just like that!
 Next she started adding colour with collage elements - 
like these ears made from fizzy juice can labels.
 She added some lacy blue paper and a purple nose - 
this is going to turn out great!
 D worked on this bird with doll head she started last month.

 she smoothed the paper clay and painted it with white paint/gesso.  
what a cool idea - a deconstructed badminton bird makes a fun little tail!

 The hole in the head is to accept the headress befitting this bird - an egg beater!
In between paint drying D worked on this other  piece.  A dolls torso,on a candle stick base, with a tin butterfly for wings, golf tees for a headdress, and keys and upholstery tacks for a skirt.  Can't wait to see her once the glue dries, and the tape is removed, and she is painted and ready for her debut.

Well.  we had fun.  but we didn't exactly get anything finished, did  we?

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