Saturday, June 6, 2015

Paint Lounge


 I am on a business trip in Markham, Ontario, and had to spend the weekend.  I looked around for artsy activities and found the Paint Lounge on historic Old Markham Main Street.  I have never been impressed with the cookie cutter paintings these places promote as "paint and drink" parties.  
But the Paint Lounge was offering a workshop featuring different texture techniques. Using string, using drips, or using tissue paper for raised surfaces, you could create your own painting, any size you wanted.  I decided to try that.
 The first step was to put on an apron and learn how to use their disposable palettes and paint pumps.  There were about 8 people there when i started, but an hour later the place was packed solid with several groups of gal pals, many couples, and me.
 I chose  to use a 12" square canvas, for $20.  prices go up from there and include all other supplies.  my only complaint would be that the quality of the brushes was kind of bad,  and they were totally trashed (stubby and stiff).  But no matter.  I started with a blend of blue, white and a touch of green to create a background of my signature robin's egg blue.  then one of the instructors  showed us the simple technique of creating flowers using tissue paper coiled into a rough circle, and dabbed into matte medium and onto the canvas.
I created 7 flowers and then added a few leaves fro some added texture.  I had grand plans to capture every stage of my painting - but alas my phone battery died right after this image was taken.
 So all i can show you is the final result -voila!  I added globs of paint to each flower.  tried to make each one a little different.  i never quite know how to add white highlights.  not sure they worked!  it was impossible to paint narrows stems with the brushes provided.  i went ahead and even added white flecks with a toothbrush - since that was one of the "tools" offered.  the  girl next to me acted as if she witnessed Michelangelo in person creating the Sistine chapel when she saw me do that!  (which was silly, but made me beam with pride nonetheless)

One of the instructors told me my painting would look so cute in a little girl's bedroom.  so i guess i'll  add it to my other "suitable for a little girl's bedroom" art collection!  like these:
 Up next?  how about i go to the pottery painting place.....?

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Zenetta said...

Love it...looks like fun!