Saturday, November 29, 2014

Crafterino Petaluma

I spent a lovely morning with a couple of pals at the Holiday Crafterino craft fair in Petaluma. Since we got there early - we got these awesome goodie bags, filled with, you guessed it, goodies!
a goat milk soap from
a wooden die cut of California key chain from
a wee little baby bug ornament from
a Kleenex case from
some manga magnets from
a pottery gift tag from
a notebook from
a card from
some stickers from
some heirloom seeds  and assorted cards and discount coupons.
what fun!  all in a nice canvas bag - just for the cost of attendance - a whopping $1.

I did actually BUY a few things~!  I bought this bubble glass locket, from
  It has no bug in it - I can add my own image or object.
I  picked our these pretty bird postcards from
I got one of these last year and just love it - a garland made from wool discs from
This is a set of notecards and envelopes from  the envelopes are made fromold book pages and have interesting images.  there are stickers to match.
And finally a collage kit from
I always buy stuff from her - even though I have all sorts of interesting collage materials in my own studio.  I am just a sucker for new stuff!
I have told my friend Z, just sneak into my house, make clever little kits with my stuff, and sell it back to me!
If you didn't make the sale this year, I am sure they'll be back next year.  or check out their blog with links to all the vendors:

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