Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Altered Bird

I finally finished my little altered bird project from our play date a  few weeks ago.  i am happy to share him here on the blogsphere.

I started with a little resin bird i picked up at Anthropologie a few years back on clearance.  They had similar birds all done up steam punk style for like $250!!  I thought  - well i could do that myself.  I certainly have plenty to doodads and glue.
Birds by Jim Mullanium
Here was the inspiration birds like the ones i saw  at Anthropologie - they are by this company Mullaniumbyjimandtori.  They only sell wholesale - no prices on the website. You can also google steampunk birds to see many more like this!
Bird by Julie Haymaker
My friend S took a class at Art Unraveled with Julie Haymaker Thompson called Birds on Wheels and made one similar this last summer with a key on the back. They started with a kit that included an unpainted bird.
 My friend K picked up some unpainted wood wheels at Michaels and along with some dowels - we had our axel.  Then it was just a matter of choosing which metal cogs and gears to use to steampunk him up!  
Luckily the Michaels beading section had lots to choose from.  The little beanie cap was from a bracelet.  I used some heavy duty upholstery tacks to attach the wings and tail.
I used some metal ruler tapes i had purchased at Art is you to make "feathers".  But added some real peacock feathers for colour and texture.  At this point i spent some time thinking about what to do next.
First step - paint.  The red and cream body colour did not work great with the peacock colours.  I find painting birds super easy.  just keep adding feather-y strokes in assorted colours and you cannot go wrong.  A bit of lighter paint for the chest and face and there you have it.

Then the big question to bling or not to bling?  Most steam punk things are metallic, but not so glittery.  I guess I'll live with him a while and see what happens...!

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