Monday, November 17, 2014

Altered Book: Purple Revisited

In our colour themed altered book project for 2014, we are working in each book twice.  This month i had PURPLE again - my friend K's creation.  See HERE for the last time i had this book.
 For my first spread i wanted to use some vintage sewing pattern images.  these are from an actual pattern for just bodices!  who knew that's how you could make a dress back in the 50's?!  Use the bodice from one pattern and a skirt from another.  I created my skirts with solid purple paper - one full one slim, - then covered both with an overlay of purple organza.  I used a strip of glue runner tape across the top of each skirt - then gathered it up in my fingers.  the background is a combination of lighted branches from a catalog, and some foreign text.  A bit of woven trim creates the borders.  Simple and elegant.
For my second spread i wanted to create something jubilant with a girl jumping.  It was hard to find an image that wasn't a stock photo (with the company logo across it).  or that had bare legs.  But i found this gal, in jean shorts - short enough that i could create a paper doll size dress out of an image of purple flowers.   (hence the need for bare legs)  a couple more flowers adorn her hair.  She is floating on a background of scrapbook paper with a green field and blue sky with puffy white clouds.  Next i created an "UP" style bouquet of balloons with pink and purple toned solid paper - cut with a circle punch.  i used with pink twine for her to hold on to.  might add some words to the spread, and a bit of gloss to make the balloons not look so flat.

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