Friday, August 1, 2014

Washi Tape Flowers with Cathe Holden

 I attended a "meet up" workshop at Cathe Holden's Inspired Barn studio in Petaluma, CA. I created 9 flowers, enough for three little corsages.
 She showed the group of ladies gathered in her magnificent wonderland of a studio how to create the individual petals and leaves with wire and washi tape.  If you are not familiar, washi tape is colourful paper tape, originally from japan - but now available all over.  You can buy it by the roll or in packs.
She gave us each a tiny little tin bucket to carry our flowers home.  It is this attention to detail that i love!
 The supplies are simple - an assortment of tapes, some wire, some curling tools and florist tape.
 Without giving away all her secrets - you can see here the beginnings of the petals.
 It helps if you have a killer assortment of floral stamens.
 And a dozen or more washi tapes....  this is what it is all about people!  
as i always say - it is simply more more fun to play with someone else's Barbies 
(remember back when you were 7?).  '
And Cathe has the best Barbies in Northern California!
Here are some of the other student's flowers:

The variety of patterns and colours is so inspiring.
Here are some that Cathe made to show us how:

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