Thursday, January 30, 2014

Cathe Holden's Valentine Workshop

My friends and I took a workshop last weekend with Cathe Holden, at her amazing studio barn in Petaluma . Some said it was like being in Disneyland. I said it was like being over the rainbow, or you know at Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. Either way - it was magical!  Her vintage displays of craft supplies and findings are over the top.
Our class was to create three wood collaged and embellished valentine ornaments, decorated with cigar box graphics.  Everything was packaged so nicely.  We did not have to bring a single thing - it was so relaxing to just arrive and have everything taken care of.  She even brought in a delicious deli lunch.
We sat at one long table and great access to tools and supplies. 
It's like you just want to move in and be creative all day long - it is teeming with eye candy everywhere you look.
Here are some samples of my fellow students' work in progress:


 These are my finished items.
 Although we all had the same shapes - we could choose our own vintage fabric from the pile shown above and decorate how we wanted.
Here are Cathe's originals.
Here is the 4 of us after the class in the "library" of the studio.
And here is one of Cathe's family's sheep!  Petaluma has some beautiful rolling landscapes outside the center of the charming town.  It is about an hours drive north of San Francisco.  We would all love to go back to visit with Cathe and learn some more of her techniques.  Please check out her website to see what classes she has upcoming!
and HERE are more pictures of the event we attended.


Something Special said...

Oh I think I am green with envy. I would love to join some friends and have a workshop like that one. I am sure that you all had the best time, and the creations are so darling. That gives me an idea for some valentines myself. i wish I had a studio big enough to handle more than 2 people. Come and say hi, I am getting back into blogging!

Lucie said...

I am so jealous! What an amazingly cool studio!!