Sunday, June 30, 2013

Play Date - Altered Blocks

 My friend L was in town this weekend and we got together for a little play date.  I saw some cool altered children's blocks on line and thought - let's try that!  L took some old blocks, i picked up at a garage sale and gave them a coat of gesso. then she took some stamps and stickers and added some  whimsy.  then she took some crayons and blended into the gesso to give depth. They look so modern!
 My friend Z joined and and decided to finish her block doll project she started back HERE.  this is a sweet doll with her grandaughter's image.  Love the pretty wings and the hair bow!
 And Z continued to work on this biker chick doll with cool earrings for arms and spikey ring makes a striking head piece.  She'll be getting a couple of nails for legs and feet!
I also added a child's block to my doll - Q for "cute"!
Next I took some blocks and gave them a coat of gesso.  Then i took pages from a french dictionary and glued them to the sides with matte gel adhesive.
I chose the french words for laugh, dance, sing, music and sweet to represent my husband.
They are still a work in progress - but here you can see i added blue and green crayon blended into the gesso to give them some colour.  Kisses and hugs to my sweetie!

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