Sunday, June 30, 2013

Altered Book : Beyond the Sepia Lens

The latest book i worked on, as part of our 2013 altered book swap, was D's book titled - Beyond the Sepia Lens.  Inside the pages of the small calendar she created a story book world where a girl swallows a moth and is drawn to the light.  We were asked to weave the
tale in and out of the past and future.
 Here is the first spread i did.  I started with a background of a aged document and added a vintage image of a lady "sprouting" wings like a moth (in keeping with the fanciful story).
I don't usually show images from my fellow artist's work - but this page D created is the jumping off point for my next spread.  She wrote that Rosa went to Cuba and met two brothers and had quadruplets.
Here is my page - showing the quadruplets a litte older.  the text says that in order to all attend the same school, they had to pretend their brother was one of the girls.
Here is the sign in page - we were each given a strip of paper to make a tag and afix to the back of the book.  I used some scraps of paper with a wee birdy or two and a scrabble letter M for May.

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Meredith Ayers said...

Phenomenal work. Thank you for this!