Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sea Glass - Altered Book Swap

For the final book swap of 2012 i worked in my friend L's book entitled Sea Glass.  Early in 2012 she moved away from the Bay area to Port Townsend in Washington State.  But we continued to swap books every month.
 I created this spread in her book by removing the two pages from the spine and taping them to the edges of other pages to create an "open sesame" kind of doors to what's underneath.  I found the vintage picture of her new home town in an on line search.
 Flash?  No flash?  there a benefits to both.  Daylight is best!

 The added pages create a long spread of 4 pages.  I found various pictures of the Washington coastline, featuring stones and rocks and driftwood and full on tree trunks - is sun washed grey tones. I spliced them altogether to create a collaged landscape.   I added the glitter and sequins to create a magical treasure trove of sea glass along the shore.
 Continuing up the page you follow a meandering path up the steep hill to where L's new house is situated.
The cashmere goats are an inside joke.  I don't believe they actually have goats roaming the slopes of the hills around Port Townsend, but they might....!

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