Friday, January 25, 2013

Abstract Landscape Collage

This past Sunday our FULL GROUP of artsy pals got together for a special play date.  It was our year end altered book swap and the start of a new year - which i'll share in a different post.  But our activity for the play date was to create abstract landscapes a la Jane Davies
 Our friend L. took a workshop with Jane and showed us how to start off with a series of sketches to illustrate that a landscape doesn't necesseraily mean a horizontal horizon line.
 Here is a shot of the inspirational artwork L created at the workshop.  We couldn't wait to get started.
 We used American Masters Printmaking Paper from Utrecht as our base.  They were folded and torn into sheets about 8x10.  Using matte medium (Utrecht's in a tube) and a credit card, glue scraps of paper to the sheet - smoothing well with the card.  No excess glue.
 Although it is not meant to be "literal" i liked the idea of using little buildings. You get to have two or three pieces going - so you can let one dry.
 For my third i chose to use all text with a bit of texture thrown in with the gold mesh and the doily.

Then you start adding colour.  Keeping a contrast between the top and the bottom - add colour with a stiff brush - overlapping the papers here and there.  There is no magic - just go for it!  Add a lot of white to the acrylic paint to get a softness.
 There is no rule that the sky must be blue and the grass green - Here i went for a bold orange red sky and a watery sort of forground.  You can then add texture with bubble wrap, sequin waste as a stencil, or with various drawing tools.
 Here is K's dramatic piece with a lot of black and bright colours.
 I am sorry i cannot remember who is responsible for this one - but it is great!
 This one too!
 And this one also!
 I think these were S's.  the only one who ventured into the realm of the aforementioned alternate horizon with the string diagonal.
 This is one of L's new pieces.  Most of her paper strips were laid vertically.
Here is another.  We were all very impressed with L and learning this cool technique!

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