Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Altered Tin Signs

 At our first play date of 2013 we each altered a blank black metal sign.  Here is one of mine - "sing with the flowers".  I'll probably add some additional embellishment - like paper flowers, leaves and perhaps a butterfly or two.
 This what the blanks looked like before we started.  painted black - we roughly sanded them to allow our papers to stick a bit better.
You had a choice of a three or 4 section sign.  I purchased them online through Pick Your Plum - one of those daily deals sites.
 First i glued pretty papers to each section  - i used a bit of sand paper to scrape off the edges.
Next i painted my letters.  I added some ink to the edges after they were dry.
Next it was time to figure out the spacing and glue them on.
 For my second sign i glued the letters directly to the signs. Make the people Laugh and Dance and Sing is what i say to my husband when he goes out to play a gig!
I covered the sections with heavy metal duct tape - the kind with the super sticky backing.  I carefully outlined each letter to make them have that embossed licence plate effect.  Then i used adirondak ink - sponged on to give a mottled metal effect.
 Here is Z's sign in progress.  She went with a neutral theme - and used France as her influence.
 Salle de jeux translates as play room or game room. 
 Here K was trying our various funny family expressions. 
 But this is the one she went with - using a masculine black and silver colour pallette.
Here is D's colourful plaque - probably going to hang in her classroom - the lesson for the day: Laugh - Love - Live and Learn!
And finally here is S's sign wiht a collaged background with a cheery message for us all!

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