Monday, May 21, 2012

Altered Sketchbook

 For a birthday present for a friend i decided to created something pretty and practical.  An altered blank sketchbook.  This book is about 12" tall and 9" wide and contains nice weight blank pages - full of promise!  She can use it to sketch, duh, or as a scrapbook for clippings, recipes, even a photo album.
I started with a background of painted deli paper in an orange and teal blend.  I originally was not even planning a focal point image of a face, but came across this serene Modigiliani and it was just perfect.
I added a halo of butterflies and even added a feathered and jeweled butterfly with a button in the center.
A few more bits of collage, dictionary paper, pinkie stamps, my favorite florentine pattern paper filled out the bottom nicely.
 In the inside cover i carried over the deli paper and a few more collage scraps.  A bevy of butterflies complete the page.
 Inside the back cover another pice of deli paper and a Modigliani nude - although i covered her up for modesty.
 And the back - just plain deli paper.  i figured that would be the most durable over time.
Here's another shot of the cover - bad shot with a flash glare spot - but the colours are more intense.
To see more faces with pretty things on their heads - check out my donation to the Marin MOCA altered book show.  Details HERE.

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