Monday, May 21, 2012

Altered Calendar - Maps and Moustaches

 The latest in the 2012 Altered Calendar Round Robin swap - D's clever creation: The Map and Moustache Book!  There are two instructions.  Create two spread using both maps and moustaches. An interesting mix, no?
 Here is one of my spreads.  I found the guy ballet dancer in my stash of vintage photos.  Thankfully once upon a time i filed them by "men, women, children, etc" - so they were easy to locate.  I wrote some text on the left that explains that the guy had to shave off his moustache so he could fulfill his dream to become a prima ballerina!  The background map is Germany and Austria, so i pretended he was named Heinrich.   Notice the striped ribbon on the left border, was also used for his tie! 
 Next is my Map Guy.  (my husband said i should have called him Map Dude, but anyway...)  When i was little, we had a map of North America on the wall of our playroom.  I always saw this little man in the states running down the middle of the country.  only he was missing a hat.  I fulfilled my lifelong dream to put that hat on his head...

Do you see him?
 Here he is!!!  His head is Iowa.  He shirt (painted a soft green plaid) is Missouri.  His jeans are Arkansas. And his large boot is Louisiana.  How cool is that!?!?  Oh yeah - his hat is Oklahoma turned right side up.  You'll never look at a map of the US the same way again..!!
I added some eyelets and laces to his boot, a leather belt and gold buckle to his jeans, some buttons to his shirt and since the theme of the book called for a moustache, he got one of those!  Without it, he looks a little bit like Elmer Fudd.  Looking back, perhaps i should have added a logo to his hat? 
Finally here is the sign in page.  We were to take a precut tag to decorate and add our name and afix to the back of the book.  The tag i selected already had an image of a cat wearing an glasses/nose/moustache disguise - so i didn't have much decorating to do!  Cut out some star shapes and added the multi colour yarn.  A fun theme for an altered book.
Next month?  Sea Glass!

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Zenetta said...

No ne Eric saw that before, but will now!
You are so creative